by Amanda Ing


What a year it has been and it seems inconceivable that 12 months ago there was only vague talk about the new Coronavirus recently discovered in China. Who knew that it would overtake over all lives and make what may well be irreversible changes?? 

There seem to have been many new starts and false dawns. The reopening of our cottages in early July was followed by a very busy Stay in Staithes summer (our busiest on record), but this was followed by increasing uncertainty in the autumn which, in turn, gave way to winter lockdowns and ongoing restrictions. 

Psychologically the start of a new year should be full of hope - new resolutions and expectations, but the start of 2021 seemed very flat. More of the same with no end in sight. 

I read in yesterday's press that it is unlikely that we will return to any sort of cottage bookings before Easter. Conversely there will probably be restrictions for overseas trips throughout of the year. 

I've woken up this fine Monday morning and decided that enough is enough. I can't hibernate for ever and things will eventually return to normal. Life is what you make of it, so its time for some positivity.

No overseas holidays may sound depressing, but Stay in Staithes have fantastic UK alternatives. We have a great selection of cottages, great owners AND great guests both regular and new. 

We have a small local brand that our guests trust, so it is time to get the news out to more people. It's baby steps for everybody, so keep in touch with us and don't miss out!!



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